Themes are back, and better than ever!

We want Pika users to feel like Pika is their home on the web. A place where they could have an original voice, even if just to scream into the void. To do that, we need to give you some ways to express yourself beyond just the words you choose—it’s also in how they look on the page, your visual aesthetic of them for the reader.

That said, we also want to avoid endless theme libraries and tinkering behind-the-scenes to get your blog just so. Not everyone has the patience for that, or even the know-how. We’ve heard from a number of you that Pika’s simplicity is one of its best selling point, that you can just write without getting bogged down by the details.

So theming in Pika needs to strike that perfect balance of giving you a way to express yourself while not sending you down a deep rabbit hole. Here’s what we’ve come up with for Pika v1:

Mix-and-Match Fonts and Colors

If you navigate to Settings, you’ll see a new Theme tab that houses a pre-defined group of fonts and pre-defined group of color schemes you can mix-and-match to help you find your Pika voice! Here’s what you can choose from:

  • While we may add more later, our starting font selection is a solid mix of different styles and expressions. You can choose from classic options like Garamond (a popular typeface for books), Franklin Gothic (a popular typeface for news), and Barry (not a typeface, just our resident Pika Pro with type opinions). The page is dynamic, so you can see what your blog will look like with your selected typeface before hitting “Save theme”.

  • Our starting color schemes are inspired from many of our favorite blogs and reading software, giving you some great one-click solutions to select and go. But if you do like to tinker and have a specific look in mind, you can always go with “Custom” and build your own color scheme. In the interest of accessibility, all of our color schemes will support Dark Mode for your readers. Your chosen color scheme will also theme your dashboard experience.

Do you write about the latest tech? Maybe choose the “IBM Plex” typeface and “Beach” color scheme. Writing one poem a day? Might we suggest “Garamond” type and the “Sonnet” color scheme. Good Enough knockoff? You’ll want to go with “Monospace” and “Gameboy” then.

We think this version of Themes in Pika is a great good enough middle-ground to help everyone build their Pika voice while not getting too bogged down in perfecting the details. And if you do want to sweat the details, there’s a “Custom CSS” option at the bottom of the page for those who want full control over the styling of their blog.

We’re excited to see what your blog will look like!

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